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Falcon Athletics

Briar Woods High School


Falcon Athletics

Briar Woods High School

Falcon Athletics

Briar Woods High School

Team News.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 11:03AM

GLAX: Summer camps

Just a friendly reminder that the summer leagues and camps are filling up quickly and approaching before we know it!

Summer league in town: CavLax

Overnight camps: 

Johns Hopkins


Team News

5.0 years ago @ 3:23PM

GLAX: Banquet!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the banquet next Wednesday, May 31 at 6pm in the cafeteria!!  More information was sent via email from the Team Moms.

If you still have any part of your uniform you MUST bring it with you. You will not receive your certificate/letter, and will receive a deficiency.

These still are missing:


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  • Sarah F.
  • Krishna M.
  • Olivia A.
  • Kayla B.
  • Lauren B.  
  • Courtney V.
  • Grace H. 

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 1:18PM


IF YOU WOULD LIKE A BRIAR WOODS LACROSSE MAGNET THEY ARE $8.00 and we only have 30 to sell for the program.  Exact cash or check made out to Christine Hooper is preferable.

Magnets may be bought at tonight's game!